Francis is interested in publishing small runs of small chapbooks. During the 2020 submission period, up to three manuscripts may be selected for publication in 2021. Authors of selected manuscripts will receive 20 copies, with the option to buy more copies at a reduced price. If more than one manuscript is selected, authors will also receive a copy of the other chapbook(s).

Manuscripts should be submitted in a .doc or .pdf format and should be 8-24 pages in length. Please use a standard 12pt font, single-spaced (unless you're intentionally using space differently). Pagination, table of contents, and acknowledgements page (if applicable) are all encouraged.

Manuscripts should be primarily in English. Collaborative manuscripts are acceptable, as are illustrations and other design elements.

Please note that this form will be open all year; response times may be quite long! 

Please send 3 or 5 poems at a time in one .doc or .pdf file. In the case of visual poetry, please compile all images into a single .pdf file.

Francis House is open to poems of all shapes and sizes, especially the oddly-proportioned and under-appreciated. Francis is especially interested in queer, trans, and non-binary poets, poets of color, and anyone else living and working outside of the cis-het white patriarchal hegemony. Poems should be primarily in English, but we're super open to integrating other languages. Simultaneous submissions are, of course, fine, but please do let us know right away if any poems are accepted elsewhere. 

Francis House